Week 10

Continue with the Destriping stuff

Two classes joined the files from the 5. week. [Download (TGZ, 10kB)]

The source

There are only minor changes to the Makefile, view_main.cc, view_ilop.cc and view_tool.cc. And no changes at all on view_rip.cc and view_rip2.cc.
The header file contains now the class definitions for remHorLin (view_grol.cc [grol=get rid of lines]) and anaVertLin (view_anal.cc). The class remHorLin shows how the things are now with this Destriping (see also below) and anaVertLin is a class that provides us with a "topographical" view on the colors of a single vertical line.

click in the image to see the full image (4.5kB). the line in the middle is the original vertical line from the image. black is on the top and white on the bottom.

The destriping problem

... apeared to be a really tough problem. I could not find a algorithm to get rid of all horizontal lines. The one implemented in view_grol.cc removes many but not enough. The problem is that it seems that there is no function which added this lines. As you can see in the picture above, the lines apear only in the darker regions of the picture and the only rule seems to be that every third line is darker.
After discussing this with Prof. Pham she said, that these lasts too long and is not really our problem. She want to get some other pictures and meanwhile I should continue with the application.
She gave new instructions. We drop ImageVision Library because it is a commercial library and is not flexible enough and focus now on a image processing library written in the institute in a previous project.

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