Week 2

Discover SGI's ImageVision library

For this task we had to modulate some programms of a former ImageVision-Version, to make them run in the actual environment. To be succesfull we had to have a look into the ManPages and into the Programming Guide of the ImageVision Library. Adjusting these programms to the newer Version made us familiar to its features. So we were well prepared to deal with the image processing tasks we had to do next.

Besides we'd got to know what kind of job we would have to do with the images. For the reason that we should find contours of several structures in the X-Ray images we focussed on functions that do edge detection or make it easier to do it.

Images we worked on while trying the functions of the Library. One was resized and one contains a resized subtile of the original image only. That was necessary to speed up the testing of the image processing we wanted to do.
Some Sources:

contains a simple Makefile that always compiles all the sources used for the executable.
is the main source for a very uncomfortable programm to try a few functions of the libraries objects. To swich between the different functions you have to change the comments and recompile the source.
myfunc.cc & myfunc.h
provide the programmer with two functions. myfunc.cc contains the function bodies and needed includes and
in myfunc.h you will find the functions prototypes.

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