Week 6

Setting up two Linux boxes and creating Java development environment

We got two new PC's for the projects second part. And because time is running fast we have to start with the second part soon. We decided to set up Linux on these PC's, because we are used to Unix and it is much more convenient to develope under Linux than under Windows. It doesn't even matter, because we are writing a Java application...
A short hardware description of both machines:

One machine (named "obelix") is placed in the lab where we used to work and one machine (named "hera") is placed in an office in the T building - the future work place of Gesine. Both machines are connected to the Universities LAN.
We tried at first a Redhat distribution. But this distribution was an older one and had some problems with the hardware. Then we decided to download the new Slackware 3.6 distribution and give it a try. This distribution worked well - except the fact that there were no X11 server for this card. We got a very early but working X11 server from S.u.S.E. GmbH. Additionally we installed KDE 1.0 as window manager and (on obelix only) the GLX 0.9 X server extension module.

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