Week 8

Telemedicine Network

That application is intended to be a discussion platform providing the user with the possibility to:
connect to and disconnect from a server,
load an image as discussion basis,
draw on the loaded image to mark areas of special interrest,
see the drawings another participant applied to the actual image, just in time,
send messages to the discussion partners,
see how many and which people are part of the actual session,
see who sends a message or draws on the image,
... (to be completed).

In that construction the server has to:
hold the data of the actual session of each client and the actual image,
provide the clients with an interface that allows to:
access a central database,
spread drawings on the actual image and messages,
register and unregister a connection to this server,
synchronize the clients operations,
spread actual information about number and identity of the connected clients,
load in image from the local database or filesystem,
... (to be completed).

The client has to:
provide the user with a graphical interface, that allows to:
connect to or disconnect from the server
load and show an image (from central database if connected or from the local filesystem)
draw on a loaded image
send messages to other connected clients
provide the server with an interface, that allows to:
send messages to it
draw on the actual image what another client is actually drawing
set parameters for actual session
hold the data of the actual image,
load the data of an image from the local filesystem,
... (to be completed).
The first step is to enable the client to connect to a server.
For this operation the client has to be able to
connect to the server,
cause registration by the server,
get the confirmation that it has been registered and
disconnect from the server.
At the other side the server has to be able
register the client and
send confirmation to the client.
The first scheme of the client server connection includes the connect and disconnect request by the client, the servers confirmation and a possible dataflow across the established connection. That dataflow in this case stands for task calls to the respective counterpart of the calling object.

A click on the Server or the Client in the image takes you to the related Site containing the details of the onclicked object.
About the Telemedicine Network & Java.

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