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Image Processing and Programming

[BAHAR90] Introduction to Image Processing B.A. Harrison, D.L.B. Jupp CSIRO Australia 1990 0-643-05092-2
[DHBAL82] Computer Vision Dana H. Ballard, Christopher M. Brown Prentice Hall 1982 0-13-165316-4
[RCGON87] Digital Image Processing (2. Ed.) Rafael C. Gonzales, Paul Wintz Addison-Wesley 1987 0-201-11026-1

Medical Knowledge

[GJTOR96] Principles of Anatomy and Physiology Gerard J. Tortora, Sandra R. Grabowski Addison-Wesley 1996 0-673-99354-X
[RGRAN88] Physical Therapy of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine Ruth Grant, Churchil Livingstone   1988 0-443-08507-2
[ECCSRS] The Cervical Spine Editorial Committee Cervical Spine Research Society     0-397-50510-8
[AGPIT98] Assessment of the plain Cervical Spine Film AG Pitman   1998  

Java Programming

[LAMME96] Computer Graphics for Java Programmers Leen Ammeraal Wiley Computer Publishing 1998 0-471-98142-7
[DJBER88] Advanced Techniques for Java Developers Daniel J. Berg, J.Steven Fritzinger Wiley Computer Publishing 1998 0-471-18208-7

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