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Practical Training at the University of Ballarat, Australia

 by Gesine Schröter and Matthias Kraft
University of BallaratSchool of Information Technology and Mathematical Siences
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We are students from Berlin, Germany. We are in our 3. year and will finish our studies in the year 2000 with a diploma in computer science. It is necessary for us to do a practical training in this field which has to be at least 16 weeks long. The project is staying under the supervision of Prof. Binh Pham. A description follows below.

The project

First part: Develop an application for processing medical X-Ray images
Second part: Set up a cooperative multimedia environment to support telemedicine applications using the internet

Work in progress

Week 1: Getting organized
Week 2: Discover SGI's ImageVision ddbrary
Week 3: Create an application using ImageVision operators
Week 4: Cardinal features of the plain cervical spine
Week 5: Remove isolated pixels & Destriping
Week 6: Setting up two Linux boxes and creating Java development environment
Week 7: Finetuning on the Linux boxes
Week 8: Part 2 starts: Telemedicine Network
Week 9: Client- / Server with java.rmi.*
Week 10: Continue with the Destriping stuff
Chistmas / Newyear break
Week 11: User Interface for the Internet application
Week 12: no remarkable news
Week 13: Scaling Monash Library, Papyrus 3.5 Toolkit and a Contouring Program to Linux
Week 14: Writing the Implementation part of the Report
Week 15: Finish programming and the report
Week 16: Last changes on the report and presentation, presentation of the project and up & away

Preparation for the stay

Getting the visa

Living in Ballarat

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At the university
The touristic things
Links to sites about Ballarat

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