Week 7

Finetuning on the Linux boxes

Both machines comes with Windows 98 installed and ready configured for the Universities Novell network. We used the Partition Resizer to get some space for the Linux system. Last week we configured obelix, so that it runs without any problems. But there was not so much space left. We decided before setting up hera to move the complete /usr to an external file server. We copied the remaining root directory to hera and let hera use the /usr from the external file server. Because hera has a bigger HD we put the home directories and an /opt directory in separate partitions and mounted them on obelix too. /opt is for the Java development things. That worked (really!) so we were satisfied and are using it now.
We compiled a kernel with only these things left we needed and modified the startup scripts for initialising the soundcard (isapnp had to be used). Then we updated the XServer to XFree86 3.3.3 (but the Server is still slow).
Setting up a printer, configuring KDE and installing JDK and a trial version of CoffeeShop 2.0 were also tasks in this week. And of course all these little things I can not remember anymore...

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